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Kiddush Sponsorship

Kiddush Sponsorship

Need your weekly chulent fix? Consider sponsoring our
Kovid Kiddush-To-Go!

Each person will receive chulent, potato kugel and a delicious piece of kishka to warm the soul.

While actual costs may be closer to $500,
we are offering the following sponsorship opportunities:

Full Sponsorship: $360
Half Sponsorship: $180


A standard kiddush includes the following:
3 Trays of Chulent (2 Regular, 1 Spicy)
3 Trays of Potato Kugel
1 Tray of Kishka
Snacks (Pretzels, Chips, etc)
Paper Goods

The cost for a standard kiddush is $360

Additional items will be charged at cost.
Common extras include (but are not limited to):

Chicken Nuggets, Meatballs, Stuffed Cabbage, Various Kugels,
Chopped Liver Platter, Salami Platter, Fruit Platter, Vegetable Platter,
Cakes, and pretty much anything you can think up!

Please inquire after confirmation as to the current cost of any extras.

To sponsor kiddush and confirm availability, please fill out the following form.

Note: Submission of this form does NOT guarantee availability. A member of the kiddush committee will be in touch to confirm details.


Thu, August 5 2021 27 Av 5781