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Kiddush Sponsorship

Kiddush Sponsorship

Need your weekly cholent fix? Consider sponsoring our
Kovid Kiddush-To-Go!

Option 1 - cholent, 2 pieces of potato kugel, 1 piece of kishka   $400/50 servings
Option 2 - cholent, 1 piece of potato kugel  $250/50 servings

In the event we are fortunate enough to have multiple families that wish to sponsor a kiddush on the same Shabbos for separate events:
Each participating family will receive a:

$50 discount on Option 1.
$25 discount on Option 2.
If you wish to enhance a kiddush, Add-on options are available.


To sponsor kiddush and confirm availability, please fill out the following form.

Note: Submission of this form does NOT guarantee availability. A member of the kiddush committee will be in touch to confirm details.


Sun, May 16 2021 5 Sivan 5781