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About Us

Ohr Saadya is an Orthodox synagogue located half a mile south of Cedar Lane in Teaneck, New Jersey. We are a vibrant shul with a warm and friendly atmosphere, and with a renowned Torah scholar, lecturer, and author, Rabbi Daniel Feldman, as our Rav.


Our shul, originally known as Etz Chaim, was founded in 2007. In 2011, we adopted the name Ohr Saadya in memory of Saadya Mamane, the grandfather of one of our members. Known as a kind and generous person, Mr. Mamane left a legacy as a revered community leader in Morocco at the time of World War II. He organized the community gemach, and put himself at risk of possible imprisonment or death during the War for the sake of ensuring the health and security of the members of his community.

From 2007 through the present, our Ohr Saadya community has grown significantly. Many new families have moved to the neighborhood because of Rabbi Feldman’s stature, and because of Ohr Saadya’s reputation as a thriving, young, dynamic community with a focus on communal warmth, serious davening, and high-level Torah learning.


Ohr Saadya holds Shabbos, Yom Tov, and Daily minyanim at 554 Queen Anne Road. We run regular learning activities, including a weekly Thursday night shiur by Rabbi Feldman, which is enhanced by a fleishig gourmet meal, scholar and residence programs and parent child learning sessions. We have a passionate volunteer team of youth directors and teen youth leaders that run an incredible youth program every Shabbos for the large, and Baruch Hashem rapidly-growing, youth population. There is an active programming committee that enthusiastically organizes events and activities for all members, young and old, to foster community togetherness. Our delectable hot kiddush following davening every Shabbos, and Sunday morning donuts and piping hot bagels serve as a wonderful opportunity for community bonding, and is enjoyed by all.

Ohr Saadya is a unique community, hybridizing the benefits of large-city Judaism with the warmth and special flavor of an “out-of-town” community. On one hand, we are integrally connected with the greater Teaneck community, and are respected for opening Jewish life to areas further south in Teaneck than it’s ever gone before. Yet on the other hand, we are a pioneering shul – we are a small group which feels like a family, and we are an active, growing community in which every new member is an important and valuable resource, and every member is treated as such. In our Ohr Saadya community, every family is invited to roll up its sleeves and build. Every family brings its strengths to the shul, and contributes its efforts towards the ongoing growth of our wonderful community.

Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784